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With the reorganisation of the site we are also consolidating some of the material from over the years. Blog archives are the easiest and can be accessed from the drop down archive menu on the left column of the main page.

Of the other older material we will be keeping the most popular items which users still find of value and integrating it into the new site over time.

For the moment we won't be deleting anything and all the old urls still work. You'll find a mishmash of looks following these links but bear with us we'll be rolling out the new design over time - it's tough putting order onto a site which has grown up over such a long period.  If there is something from the archives you want and can't find use the contact link to get in touch and I'm sure we can get it back for you.

Kurt Schwitters Archive
Nan Goldin's Devil's Playground
Dorothy Cross' Ghost Ship
Matthew Barney Interview
Francis Bacon Studio at the Hugh Lane
Adbusters Spoof ads
Francis Bacon Studio at the Hugh Lane

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Joyce Walks
Joyce Walks
Create your own Ulysses walking map for any city in the world.

Google Bono
Google Bono
What is the probability of seeing U2 frontman Bono in any of the most probable locations in Dublin?

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