Update: WalkSpace has been withdrawn from the appstore.

After almost three years WalkSpace was in need of a major updating and was increasingly bug prone with recent IOS updates. The app has been withdrawn and a major update with a new version built from the ground up is under development. If you have WalkSpace it still substantially works on recent versions of IOS but may give intermittent problems.


WalkSpace is an alternative walking art app for the iPhone to let you navigate the city in a new and unexpected way.

A selection of walks ranging from Bloomsday routes, classic conceptual art walks to everyday and cultural routes are remapped to your current location. Walks can be shared with photos and route maps via email and twitter and users can add their own routes to the app.

WalkSpace is designed to take you places you mightn't otherwise go, to see familiar places in a new light opening a window to chance encounters and experiences. The app is inspired by the Situationist dérive acting as a locative media version of the classic experimental technique for re-enchanting the city.

A walk route is generated based on your current location. Each walk has waypoints along the route and as you navigate your route you will be given the option to take a photograph at each one which will then appear as a pop-up on tapping the waypoint pin. When the walk is completed you can share a map of the route of your walk and the photographs you took along the way by email.

WalkSpace is a locative media art project by Conor McGarrigle with programming by Emer MacDowell and is now available as a free download from the appstore.

Version 1.1 now available with new walks and twitter support


download from the appstore