November 24, 2005
The Project for Urban Intimacy : Krista Connerly

Urban Intimacy

The Project for Urban Intimacy

The Project for Urban Intimacy offers projects that transgress and counter the rationality and efficiency that infect our cities. Many of these projects seek to alter your daily encounters: moving them past the brief, efficient, and cordial towards the poetic, delayed, or absurd.

The Urban Parlour Games are a set of updated Victorian parlour games. Like the original games they are based off of (and for the most part - carry the same name as) they encourage more intimate forms of interaction. From the Urban Games website you are able to download materials that will let you take these games "to the streets".

Transitory Contact is a collective representation of the intercourse and exchange that takes place, often unnoticed, as we travel innocently to and from work. This piece uses the internet to gather and distribute these stories of contact in order to create a growing collective map. On the website, the user scrolls over a different city area bus maps to read about the encounters that took place along the corresponding bus lines. Additionally, the user is encouraged to deposit their own accounts on the web site so that they can become part of this collective document. The end result is the creation of a secret social map that can be laid over our everyday physical one.

Sleep is a viewer built performance using one's self and a sleeping computer. Your computer accompanies you as you drift off to sleep. Its noises intermix with yours, lulling you and sending transmissions to you.

Solfataras is an on-line collaborative play. Scenes are proposed through photos, a printed manual, and user input to a website. Participants may go online to view instructions and meeting times and places left by myself or other participants. Likewise, there is an on-line forum for individuals to create their own scenes. These can be acted out independently or be extended as invitations to myself and others.

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