Kurt Schwitters

The Hannover Merzbau

An introduction to Kurt Schwitters seminal work the Hannover Merzbau with photographs.

Kurt Schwitters' Merzbau - The Cathedral of Erotic Misery
An extract from the new study by Elizabeth Burns Gamard

Kurt Merz Schwitters
The origins of the Merzbau
Stunned is pleased to present an extract from
Gwendolen Webster's biography of Kurt
Schwitters with links to her Schwitters site
and publisher

Ursonate featuring real audio recordings of performances by Kurt Schwitters himself, score and related material and links from Ubuweb.

Zvonimir Bakotin's 3D VRML model of the Hannover Merzbau created for the Hannover's Sprengel Museum Kurt Schwitters archive. If you don't have one you will need a VRML plugin.
Also check out Zvonimir's site which is another great Schwitters resource

The Strange case of Mr S.
From the BBC's The Works series documentry on the scandal of the Schwitters' estate


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