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As you've probably noticed I've been reorganising the site and as part of this the weblog will now move from this page to just plain This page will no longer be updated so please update you links to the main Stunned page. Unfortunately the RSS feeds need to be updated too but the archives and posts etc will stay the same the main page is the only difference.

Please excuse the multiple styles as I roll out the new design not to mention all the weird stuff you're probably seeing as I get to grips with the new layout which, incidentally for those interested in such things, is an all CSS three column fluid layout which actually works in all browsers including the unbelievably awful Internet explorer 6 and was an real pain to do.

Boston bomb scare video

Very funny press conference given by the two arrested in Boston after panic over cartoon figures where they discuss the critical issue of 70s haircuts, of course the chance of their beatnik asses getting thrown in jail just shot up.
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Bob Dylan's Screen test

From 1965 Dylan's screentest. Each screen test was shot on a 100 foot roll of film and lasted the same length about 3 minutes, they say that Dylan was the only one ever to leave before it was finished.

Edie Sedgwick's Warhol Screen test

I love Warhol's screentests they were undoubtedly some of the greatest things he did and I think in time Andy will be remembered more for his film work then his paintings.

Auto Da Fe

Paul Murnaghan's Auto Da Fe at Pallas Heights to be completed at some unspecified date in the future, perhaps it's already happened.

Marie Antoinette action figure

Marie Antoinette action figure
The Marie Antoinette action figure with ejector head, classy.

I'm bored with looking good

Teddybears featuring Iggy Pop doing that thing he does

High Plane 3

high plane
Katrin Sigurdardottir's High Plane 3. More images and information here




Meiji Shrine Tokyo

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