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Ingo Swann on PSI TECH and Remote Viewing

A definitive statement regarding PSI TECH’s “pedigree” and genealogy

The following unedited letter, from PSI TECH corporate archives, was written by Ingo Swann (the “Father of Remote Viewing”), in response to a concern expressed by Rhea White, Secretary of the American Parapsychological Research Association, that PSI TECH was rumored to be charging commercial clients an inordinate amount of money for guaranteed contract work. This rumor stemmed from a contract proposal solicited by a well-known pharmaceutical company, wherein PSI TECH was to describe the origin, (i.e., microbiological genesis), of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and identify a specific cure for AIDS.


4 November 1992 Rhea A. White
The Parapsychology Sources of Information
2 Plane Tree Lane
Dix Hills, New York 11746

Dear Rhea,

Well, here it is some two years since I promised to come out and visit you; regrettably, it seems that the longest trips I can take are to the grocery store while my own "work" otherwise submerges me in hermit-like ways.

I sincerely hope you will not take the contents of this letter as combative, but Dr. Alex Imich has presented me with a situation which is confusing. A few weeks ago he sent along his review "Applied Psi at PSI TECH" which was typeset and apparently ready for inclusion in your publications. He subsequently reported that you had decided not to go ahead with it because "someone" had reported to you that PSI TECH was charging a lot of money and giving little or nothing in return. He was concerned, if not insulted, that this might be the case, and asked to explain it. After a series of clarifying discussions between he and I, and between you and he, it now seems that you may be interested in having me write something about PSI TECH, providing, as Alex says, I can address the accusations by providing what amounts to evidential certainty that PSI TECH does not, as it were, cheat its clients. If this review of the situation is not accurate I hope you will give me thecorrect circumstances. If this review is correct, then you have decided not to publish Alex's article on PSI TECH because the anonymous charges of "someone" changed your mind about publishing it.

Yesterday I told Alex over the telephone that I would consider writing something about PSI TECH, but in thinking the matter over through the night I have decided that if I did then I would indirectly be responding to accusations of someone whose identity is not known. I cannot deal with this, and in fact should not because the burden of establishing verifiable evidence that PSI TECH is taking undue financial advantage of its clients lies with the accuser who has influenced you. I could probably contribute some good information about PSI TECH, but will not attempt to do so under the shadows of oras a response to this present situation.

In any event, I cannot see where the accusations of this anonymous accuser derive their substance. Although I am not part-and-parcel of PSI TECH in any formal business sense, I occasionally serve as consultant and in that function amgenerally familiar with PSI TECH's setup. It is rather common knowledge that all contracts between PSI TECH and its clients stipulate a full money-back guarantee in the event that PSI TECH provided information is useless or in significant error. The accusation that PSI TECH is fleecing its clients is therefore completely without any actual foundation from this contractual point of view. Additionally, PSI TECH has undertaken free of charge several humanitarian-oriented tasks for clients in the US, Russia, France, Germany, and in the Far East.

Whether or not PSI TECH satisfies its clients is a matter which falls outside of even my jurisdiction to analyze. I am not PSI TECH's task master, but I can confirm that all its members fully realize that their sink-or-swim future depends solely on providing service-of-value to their clients. Since PSI TECH is a private business, only one of its chief officers could provide a list of clients and their satisfactions statements if there were adequate reason to do so. And I would recommend, at consultant, that anonymous accusations against PSI TECH do not constitute adequate reason to do so. Furthermore, whether or not PSI TECH clients are satisfied with PSI TECH's work is a matter only the clients can establish, and if any ofthem are significantly dissatisfied then PSI TECH officers and its psi-operatives must take their lumps. The ratios of client-satisfaction may differ widely according to tasks and related complexities, but this is a business-contract matter between PSI TECH and its clients. I hardly need point out that if PSI TECH was not so far of service to its clients it client roster would have decreased by now and not expanded.

Considering all this, no grounds exist for wither you, Alex, or myself, for adjudicating between, or indirectly answering, anonymous accusations against PSI TECH. If the identity of the anonymous person were to become known, then the brunt of the confrontation would have to be undertaken directly between him or her and PSI TECH, and I can see no justification on our parts for undertaking indirect answers regarding the accusations through your published pages or even on behalf ofthem.

I believe I fully realize that your concern here is completely commensurate with the above-average care you take to reflect accuracies in your publications, which in my opinion, is advisable in the extreme. It seems to me, though, that if your anonymous accuser is in possession of evidence confirming that PSI TECH fleeces its clients then he or she should come openly forth and present it rather than sowing confusion via innuendo.

The arising of this situation also obliges me to note that it is probably an insult to PSI TECH and the credentials of its accredited and founding officers which you may not be familiar with but which should, I think, be considered. The central founder, among others, is Major Edward A. Dames, now retired as of 1991. He is a distinguished graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, a former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer of high standing and recipient of many military awards and governmental honors. He was Targeting Director of the U.S. Intelligence Electronic & Security Command, and assistant director of special operations in the DIA Directorate of Science and Technical Intelligence, and an area controller of special operations of Headquarters Department of the Army. For several years, he was mandated to brief on a daily and/or weekly basis DIA, NSA, other agencies, and, when circumstances required, the President and his advisors.

He was, among 25 sponsor-selected CRV students, under my direct tutelage for two years and I am intimately familiar with his integrity -- and clearly he would have not have arisen to prominence in his former functions had many important overseers and chains-of-command not had confidence in his demonstrated competence and integrity. I am, in fact, honored that in his retirement he seeks to convey CRV methodologies to the open public, and to train new students in CRV methodologies as well. His character, and the described mission of PSI TECH, in my opinion stand forth in a recorded interview he recently gave on the Bob Hieronimus radio program, a copy of which I enclose for your convenience.

I have no wish to suggest how you might run your business, but since Alex's otherwise competent review of past and current PSI TECH activity has fallen victim to anonymous misinformation, I can suggest that you might await the publication of a book in progress about PSI TECH's work. You abstract anyway, and the book might better serve as the basis for an abstract. Negotiations are underway to have the noted journalistic investigator, [name witheld] , put this book together. [The author] wrote the best-selling book [name witheld] which was ten weeks on the NYT best-seller list, and from which Oliver Stone made his famous movie about the Kennedy assassination. [The author] is a penetrating investigative researcher as we might admit. PSI TECH's willingness to make available all their archives and projects to this adequate kind of investigator should say something about the open frankness PSI TECH's officers and psi-operatives are prepared to undergo.

I fear that you may feel that this lengthy letter may sound harsh, Rhea. But it is only meant to be open and frank, not combative, and I know of no other way to respond to anonymous accusations which have no credible basis if PSI TECH's standard client contracts are considered. I admire you and your work very much and with to assure you that whether you give PSI TECH mention in your pages will in no way jeopardize my respect for your enduring and careful work.

Among other projects of my own in my semi-retirement, I sporadically work on a complete history of remote-viewing since 1970, including historical precedents for it, and also including a long description of scientific papers which aided in comprehending its mind-dynamic processes which ultimately resulted in the CRV training methodologies. You may not beaware of it, but my chief mentor in this training development was Jan Eherenwald whose kind support I was immeasurably grateful to have.

Also, both PSI TECH and myself independently are trying to adapt CRV and/or psi perceptions to the special demands of the UFO and/or ET situation, and my first volley in this direction appeared in an article which FATE (September 1992) kindly published. I have since been absolutely inundated with MUFON types who have come out of the woodwork to talk about things. I am getting ready to write a follow-up on the FATE article.

Additionally, I have just been through the long and arduous two-year-long process of providing a new book to Simon & Schuster regarding future-seeing. They are now pleased with the final version (the book, entitled Your Nostradamus Factor is on their spring 1993 list), but I am a wreck and resentful of the work involved -- which, presumably, I'll get over.

Wishing you all the best,

Very cordially yours,


Enc. Cassette tape: 21st Century Radio Hieronimus & Co. -
10/4/92, Ed Dames, PSI Tech, a Remote Viewing Company.

cc: A. Imich
E. Dames

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