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Walking West -Colfax Ave

April 8, 2014

New media artist Conor McGarrigle will walk Denver’s Colfax Avenue, the longest continuous street in America, drawing a 26 mile line to be captured in a satellite photograph.


In his latest psychogeographic performance, which takes place on Friday April 11, McGarrigle will walk the entire 26.2 mile length of Denver’s best known and most controversial street, from the eastern plains through the heart of downtown toward the west.


He will mark his route by drawing a line as he walks with the action captured from space by a commissioned high-resolution satellite photograph. The project will be the first artistic performance documented by satellite and will produce one of the largest drawings ever made.


The very act of walking in the city has become a marginalized practice in many American cities yet by walking we can experience the city itself, at a human pace, as a space of discovery and encounter. The symbolic act of walking Colfax Ave acts as a lens to focus discussion on the role of this street in the cultural, social, economic and political life of Denver and at a wider level the role of urban walking.

“Autopoietic Computing and Reality Augmented Autopoietic Social Structures h+ Magazine Self replication of a reality augmented autopoietic social machine can be facilitated by many different methods.”

OpenSpritz, a free speed reading bookmarklet. 

Glyphr, the free HTML5 based font editor


February 27, 2014

Artist Jan Huijben secures his data – big time in his secret.rar project – the project archived a file and encrypted it using a 64 character-long password. Another 64-char password was then used on the USB stick which it was copied to. A desktop PC would take 58 58 quinquatrigintillion years to crack it – but that was just the start…

Animated map of geotagged tweets mentioning each #SB48 team and the halftime show on Twitter, February 2, 2014. Eastern time

Tobacco Viz

January 10, 2014

Conor McGarrigle’s insight:
Where the Smokers are, mapping smokers by country