Ether : AUDC



Ether explores the role of the individual, objects, and telecommunicational society from the Cold War to the present day. ...

Begun as a research unit within the Southern California Institute of Architecture Kazys Varnelis and Robert Sumrell Architecture Urbanism Design Collaborative is a nonprofit collective dedicated to using the tools of the architect, the designer, and the historian to research the individual and the community in the contemporary urban environment.

AUDC blurs traditional divisions between media by working simultaneously in print, web, video, photography, drawings, models, dioramas, and installations while addressing the particularities of each medium. Likewise, AUDC breaks down the boundaries between theory and practice by uniting both scholarship and creative work.

"We erect our structures in our imaginations before we erect them in reality."
Karl Marx

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Plug 'n' Pray : Lionello Borean + Chiara Grandesso

Plug n Pray

Plug 'n' Pray

PLUG 'n' PRAY A TV preacher is promoting a new way to deal with religious conflicts ? a software application helps you get converted in a couple of clicks. You can choose the most suitable and convenient religion for you ? anytime, anywhere. Fanatic crusades, bloodshed ? get away with it without compromising your pacifist ideals and launch new religious marketing campaigns.

The website parodies these attitudes to elicit dialogue and thought sharing on serious issues like tolerance and religious wars. The language you read and the graphics you see on the website pertain to the IT world, it is a typical e-commerce portal selling innovative, complete, but most of all plausible and convincing software kits.

The Plug 'n' Pray concept borrows its name and reinterprets the famous idea behind plug and play technology. PnP is now a synonym for easy hardware installation and hassle-free software set up that allows you to immediately start using a new HW device or SW application. Play becomes Pray, your conversion is instantaneous, smooth and seamless.

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Traces of Fire : Volkmar Klien & Ed Lear


Traces of Fire

Everything starts with a pub-tour.
Couple of drinks, couple of cigarettes, off to the next bar.
Couple of drinks, couple of cigarettes.

Then - moving on.

Next day, same thing.
Couple of drinks with a couple of cigarettes in a couple of pubs.

In each of the pubs we leave behind a nice silvery lighter.
Each silvery lighter equipped with a nice little transmitter and its own transmission id.

And above the roofs antennas rise.
The next couple of weeks we spend roaming the urban habitat, tracking the lighters,tracing the fire; logging its every move.

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Shadow : Joon Sung


Shadow 2004, 9' 00"

The starting point of this piece was derived from my unusual fondness for the landscape with the blurred shadow. This piece consists of a sequence of beautiful shadow fragments that I encounter at various places in everyday life. I have interestingly observed the shadow, photographed the shadow that would evoke certain human emotions and organized them only necessary elements and refine them to the essentials. Shadow may make us feel austerely beautiful; on the contrary would resonate with heart-breaking tragedy. One of primary concerns of my recent works is to make piece contains significant human feelings and seems beyond full comprehension but emotionally more accessible

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