Destroy Evil : Katie Bush

Destroy Evil

Destroy Evil

Please do your morally upright part and: Created the night after George W Bush's 'Axis of Evil' speech. Official launch July 4, 2002. Evil animations added daily. Deliberately on-going. By July 4th 2003 site will contain 365 pages. Urls dated by day: etc.

Excerpt from Artist's Statement/Press Release:
'When asked how long she will work on destroying evil and why on the day of its launch, was still a 'work in progress', America's Favorite Lady abruptly responded "Look, the American people must understand that I have no timetable in mind. I don't have a calendar on my desk that says by a certain date or by this Super Bowl, all this business has got to end." Bush went on to add, "That's not how it works! That's what the EVIL doers want. They want me to quit, because they think I'm impatient. But it's not going to happen. It can't happen!"

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99 Meditations on Chords and Colors : Andreja Andric

99 Meditations on Chords and Colors

99 Meditations on Chords and Colors

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Classical music has been created in an informationally poor environment. The people from 17th century and before were not acquainted with noise. The loudest sounds were thunder and church bell. In such a world, any new musical information must have been refreshing and exciting. The 20th century was significantly noisier. The Internet (and our age of informational pollution as well) in general is definitely the noisiest environment so far.
Consequently, the music for the Internet and our century should rather open new empty spaces and create new silences. The understanding of silence expressed by this work is an inner silence that blocks the noise from outside, and a rest from informational bombing.
The work consists of 99 HTML pages. Each page is connected with all the others. Each page is completely filled with one color and plays one chord of unlimited duration. The observer enters and chooses any page out of 99 pages offered. If its atmosphere satisfies him/her, the observer remains there long enough. As the time passes, the perception of individual vibrations of the chord changes. Here, the observer is the one that changes with time, not the music. In any moment, if needed, the observer may choose another page that complies better to the current mood.
The musical result of such an interaction with this work is either one chord or several chords of very long durations, like an electronic "ison" (ison is a long sustained note, often encountered in medieval orthodox church music).

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Pages of Madness : Ajaykumar

Pages of madness

Pages of Madness

Taking the psyche of a mentally ill person - using interplays of text, sound, photographic and video image - it involves trans-media re-conceptions of concrete poetry and the ciné-roman, investigations in narrative space and construction, and explorations of notions of cyberspace in relation to Asian ideas of void.

The exhibition provides an experimental response to medical studies which conclude that because of racism black people in the U.K. are many times more likely than white to experience mental illness. Professor Robin Murray, from the (British) Institute of Psychiatry, states that the experience of black people in the U.K. almost drives them mad.

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Condition Red : John Paul Bichard

condition red

Condition Red

ISEA 2004, the International Electronic Art Biennale, took place on a ferry, moving between the Baltic capitals of Tallinn, Stockholm and Helsinki.
This game was commissioned for the event as apart of the ICOLS Arms Fair. Passenger were invited to particpate in a game where winning was not necessarily the most favourable outcome:
To mark the ICOLS Arms Fair, you are invited to attempt to sink the ISEA ferry armed only with small arms and a speedboat packed with high explosives on a three minute timer.
By participating, you become not only the protagonist, but, if you successfully carry out your task, one of the victims of this 'terror' attack.
Alert condition is RED and you have changed the status of the ISEA ferry to that of 'terror target'.

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