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"The image... becomes, as it were, the soul's plastic embodiment." - Oskar Kokoshka

Irish Museum Launches New Website

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"Queer(ing) Warhol" at UCR
Spanish Paintings at Sotheby's London
New British Galleries at the V&A
"Marina Abramovic" at the Hirshhorn
Rare Abstract Expressionist Prints at CMA
Fashion Photography at Worcester Art Museum
Irish Museum Launches New Website
MCA Presents "The Short Century"
Large Planters To Be Placed at Smithsonian
"Muses, Madonnas and Maidens" in Tokyo
MCA Gives Thanks with Three Free Days
"Urban Diary" Art Project in Berlin

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DUBLIN, IRELAND.- The Irish Museum of Modern Art announced the launch of its new website. The new website launches a new web strategy which will take IMMA into the digital age by opening a virtual extension of the museum in cyberspace. In addition to containing information on the museum, it's building and collections we will be actively curating new exhibitions which will exist only in cyberspace. These will include surveys of the most exciting new artists who are likely to become household names in the future and virtual exhibitions of digital art by Irish and International artists. In a new initiative for IMMA we will shortly be commissioning digital artworks which will exist only in cyberspace for ' THE DIGITAL HUB ' our new digital art zone. With this new venture IMMA will join an elite group of International museums commissioning in this new medium which includes MOMA New York, SFMOMA, San Francisco and The Guggenheim Museum.

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Paulus Potter

Diederik Tulp (detail) by Paulus Potter.

On a day like today, in 1625, Paulus Potter, was born. He was celebrated chiefly for his paintings of animals. Potter is one of the minor Dutch masters. Potter entered the Guild of St. Luke at Delft in 1646. In 1652 Potter settled in Amsterdam. He probably received his early training from his father, the painter Pieter Potter (c. 1597-1652), but his style shows little dependence upon that of earlier masters. In so short a career there was little development in style between the earlier and the later works, but 1647 seems to mark a peak in his achievement, for many of the finest paintings bear this date. More Milestones...

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