Join the Artist on a guided tour 
 of the Freedom Trail Saturday Nov 10th 3.30pm 
 1-5 Merchant's Road 

The Tulca Freedom Trail Location

TULCA is a Galway City and County based season of contemporary visual arts exhibitions, live-art performances, discussions & talks that aim to offer opportunities to local, national and international artists and to develop and stimulate the growing visual culture in the city and county.

The Tulca Freedom Trail which has been specifically created for TULCA 2007 will take place throughout Galway city during the festival from November 9th - 25th. The walk contains 30 points over a 2 miles length. During TULCA MP3 players and maps are available at the main TULCA venue at1-5 Merchants Road (the old McDonaghs building). However the trail can be followed at any time.

Conor McGarrigle will lead a walk along the Freedom Trail on Saturday 10th November at 3.30pm starting from 1-5 Merchants Road. All are invited to join him on the walk and a free flowing conversation about freedom, art, maps, cultural tourism, situationism and the art of getting lost