Join the Artist on a guided tour 
 of the Freedom Trail Saturday Nov 10th 3.30pm 
 1-5 Merchant's Road 

Download the Tulca Freedom Trail Audioguide

The audioguide consists of 30 MP3 tracks, for downloading convenience we've combined them into 4 zip files
After downloading extract* the MP3 files and add them to your MP3 player in the normal way, each track corresponds to a point on the map
(eg listen to track 1 at point 1, track 2 at point 2 etc)

Tracks 1-8 (15MB)

Tracks 9-16 (20MB)

Tracks 17-23 (15MB)

Tracks24-30 (18 MB)

*To open ZIP files you'll need a zip utility like the excellent free 7 zip.