MP3 (abode)
Sound sample: time: place: emotion:


A sound-based project led and coordinated by Loftus involving a range of participants from around the world. A call was sent out across the web, inviting people to send an MP3 file of their favorite or most hated bite of sound (e.g. from a stolen sentence to an ambiguous noise). These sounds will then inhabit an old upright piano located in the basement of Arthouse. Visitors to the building will be able to play this collection of emotions from around the world and these ‘recitals’ will be broadcast into people’s daily lives via the Internet and a radio band.


An old upright piano in a large dark space, one light, and a seat. The sounds that I receive will be collected and stored in samplers, they will be from all around the world and from every aspect of life. Subject matter is irrelevant insofar as it's in the ear of the beholder. There will be a simple book in the form of sheet music, this will contain the time, place and emotion of each sample and the artist's name .The speakers will be placed in such a way that the sounds will travel above, below and all around the person playing the piano, to give the feeling of movement from place to place. I hope to achieve a very individual experience for each person that comes in contact with the work, like playing the emotions of the world in the dark